About us

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CEO: Olivia 
Age: 21

Something to know
We are a company that mainly uses drop shipping from our various different vendors. We do not design or make anything on our website and some items are dupes and inspired pieces.                

My Story

Since I was young I've always had an interest in business but I never really knew exactly what kind of business I wanted to have. As I grew up I grew a likeness for fashion but I was never a fan of trends in London they were either too fast or it just wasn't my style. I always felt as if I didn't fit into the category of "girly" clothes because I was insecure about my body and that led me into enjoying a "tomboy" type of style but that only lasted so long. Now as society is changing and people are now moving away from trends slightly and embracing more personal styles that incorporate their personality it has allowed me to find my perfect fit of style which is a mix of streetwear, y2k, y2k cyber (core), and the less flattering name style y2k cyberghetto. I knew that there would be other people out there confused about what their fashion style is and what makes them comfortable and I wanted to have somewhere where they could feel comfortable to try out all different kinds of styles and aesthetics all in one place. 
How did we start
In 2019 I started my first business which originally was called "Iris Lashes" while running my business I was a full-time university student in my 2nd year and also was working a part-time job at Sainsbury's that I worked for 3 1/2 years in total in customer service. While running my business for a couple of months I realised quickly that I wanted to sell more than just lashes because lashes were not my passion. I than during the first quarantine lockdown in 2020 did a complete rebrand and started to sell clothing on my site. 

My reason for starting my business
I have always seen my Mum to be an incredibly strong, powerful, and independent woman and it showed me that women can have it all as long as they put the work in. My mum has done amazing things with her life and broke barriers for me and my sister to be able to get somewhere in life. Anyone who knows me knows I do not idolise after anyone but my Mum is worth more than that title anyway of the week. The reason I started my business is so that I could be independent like her and not need to rely on her for anything because she has done so much for me already I feel the need that it's time for our roles to be reversed and for her to now be given anything she wants because she deserves it.